Committed to Africa

We are a dynamic, innovative, international infrastructure construction and operating company looking to finance, build, manage and transfer various rail construction projects throughout Africa; which will dramatically improve the lives of the people of Africa. 

Our long term hopes and goals are to create substantial, beneficial transformation in each country TransRailnet projects are situated. The movement of people is hampered by the lack of affordable, reliable and even non-existent transportation alternatives and upon construction of our rail systems, the citizens will be able to move freely about the region at little cost. We will create educational programs for trade, university and primary schools to allow youth to see that a career in rail and its supporting industries is a long term employment solution. Producers of everything from produce to mined minerals will be able to get their product to port in a safe, quick and much more affordable option than is now available. None of this will be possible without the extremely experienced executive staff that has been assembled on the construction side. The company will be able to complete the project from land to sea internally. We will partner with local and regional companies as we see the need as long as those companies adhere to detailed employment, construction and operational standards. TransRailnet intends to hire locally as much as possible with a special focus on those individuals and industries that will be affected by the existence of the new rail systems. We realize that shifting unemployment from one sector of the transportation industry to another is not how we want to do business and our hiring practices and strategy will reflect this mindset. There will be a mentoring program in place once each project is underway to enable unskilled individuals to become more skilled and for those that have experience, they will be able to add to their skill set. 

While it is easy to develop a rail system for one country, the internal countries of Africa need access as well and many of our projects include at least one landlocked country in the long term plans. 

Infrastructure can no longer be defined as a railroad, an airport, or bridges tunnels and roads. In the 21st century we now have to include people as part of the plan. TransRailnet wants to be the purveyor of people and products for the benefit of all.



Greg has owned and operated the MMI Abstract Company Inc from 1986 through the present. He has also served as President of the Title Abstractors Association of New Jersey and served on the executive board of the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors, the board of trustees for the
Coordinated Family Care of Middlesex County the executive board of the Middlesex County Council for Children's Services, and past board member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middlesex County.

He holds a Bachelors of History form Rutgers University.



Joseph Peebles is the President & CEO of the Peebco Energy Group (www.Peebcoenergy.com) and Co-Chairman of TransRailnet International Railroads.
The Peebco Energy Group was founded as an environmentally-
friendly, green energy company to help address the growing need
for a cleaner planet.

TransRailnet International is an international railway company that is currently governed and co-chaired by a bi-lateral commission of two. Reinforced by a multitude of extremely-skilled and highly-talented individuals, the company has decided to embark on the development of a major, deep- sea port with several connecting railway lines across Southeast Africa.



Boetie Zandberg  is a dedicated and highly motivated Construction/Operational and Maintenance Manager with 47 years railway experience. As someone with a need to produce results he is always striving to deliver a quality railway product. He is highly motivated, goal driven, and has the ability to thrive under difficult conditions. With 33 years at South Africa's Transnet and 14 years abroad in in the Middle East, he has become an excellent mentor and leader. He has achieved many distinctions throughout his well disciplined railway career. His ability to interact with people all over the world has become his forte and greatest asset.

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After completing a BSc (Eng) in Civil Engineering at UCT in 1990, varied and extensive experience has been gained in the railway (and associated infrastructure) environment in the arena of maintenance, design, construction and project management. A Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Industrial) was obtained in 2000 from the University of Stellenbosch. Culminating from involvement in numerous multi-disciplinary projects throughout South Africa and other parts of Africa, a thorough knowledge and understanding of the following aspects of Railway Engineering, amongst others, has been gained in Project Management, Project Life Cycle Management, Contract Management and the Tender Environment, Construction Management (including Labour Intensive), Technical and General Specifications, Railway Engineering, Track Design, Railway Operations, Logistics and Track Maintenance Management. Andrew joined JG Afrika (previously Jeffares & Green) in 2008 as a Senior Engineer and was promoted to an Associate in 2011, and an Executive Associate in 2016.

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As HR Director, Mr. Pacheco is focused on planning, directing and developing the policies and strategies of the Human Resources Division, making sure the organizational goals are accomplished while having a profitable operation of all personnel and staff procurements. 

Throughout the last 25 years I have not only served the human environment but also have been involved in the retail business enhancing areas such as operations, sales, financial retail, budgeting and intern controls.

He will create synergy among the TransRailnet team so our people are capable of transforming their functions into generational leadership and procuring the well being of their families and country.



As a Director of International Relations, Emmanuel Oluwehuje's role in TransRailnet International will be to lead, identify, and  set goals for the International offices and assess the best approaches to accomplish those goals. It will also be to coordinating the expansion into and managing the operation of our direct sales business in foreign nations.

Mr. Oluwehehuje has over 15 years in large-scale Project Management and  international operational experience. Speak one foreign language ( French). He is able to skillfully work with diverse cultures, diplomatically representing our brand in seamless professionalism.



Prof. Albert Malama holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree (Copperbelt University, Zambia), an Msc. Environmental Design & Engineering (University of London, UK) and a PhD in Architecture (University of Sheffield, UK). He has over 30 years working experience as an Academic, Researcher and practicing Architect. He worked as a lecturer in Architecture at the University of Botswana and Copperbelt University. He has also been a researcher in Local Government and Water & Sanitation and has consulted for international organizations and governments such as FES, UNEP, UNDP, JICA, UNICEF, World Bank, GIZ, Danish Government and Irish Government. Albert is a registered Architect and has worked on design and supervision of construction of many projects such as Airports, Offices Blocks, Shopping Malls, Banks and Hospitals. He is currently CEO for MSK Infrastructure Development Group which specializes in development facilitation for different infrastructure projects such as Railway,
Airports, Roads, Bridges, Water and Sanitation etc. He is currently working with Railnet International to help facilitate the development of the Railway project from Zambia to Mozambique.